Delivery Methodology

Is it safe to Imports Us?

In Pirilampo Net®, we guarantee the whole process of product nationalization. We are duly registered with the systems of the Federal Revenue of Brazil, and sales rights in are properly reserved. We take care of your product effectively in the import process with our importer to your shipping address.

What are the shipping methods available?

For International Product:

We offer regular air shipping methodology of our international suppliers, through a strong partnership with the airline TAM charges through your service. After the nationalization of the product, the domestic shipping through Brazil's post office, or befitting the order profile carrier, according to the need for urgent or quantitative items of items according to the request.

Note: If the customer chooses shipping the product by direct import system, the nationalization by mail Brazil import taxes are the sole responsibility of the client.

For products already nationalized:

Shipping via Brazil mails, or carriers, according to the order.

How long does the shipping from Europe to Brazil?

Approx. 2-8 business days (only transport). This information is provided by the carrier excluding weekends and holidays. Note that delivery times may vary, particularly during holiday periods, peaks, or in adverse weather weather.

My request is listed as sent, when I will have information from the post office in Brazil?

Our procedure is to import and nationalize the products, and then make the domestic post. The screening will be available only after the national post. Our import routines are done in batches, between the time the batch containing your request is being formed, tracking numbers can be found next to the international cargo agent.

What are the stages of my order? And how long will it take to process my order?

Once an order request has been received by us, you will receive periodic e-mails from us regarding the processing of your order, and you can also refer to your account. Your order goes through several steps before reaching the delivery address. The pre-estimated delivery times may vary between 20 to 40 working days . It is noteworthy that the deadline, the deadline is intended to ensure, expectations along with some events such as, but not be responsible for:

- Seasons of rush as regional Holidays in Europe (pilgrimages) that start in the month of August, allowing the normalization along the warehouses after a certain period only.

- Break stocks from the supplier.

- Strikes.

- Adverse weather conditions: Tsunames, volcanic eruptions, blizzards, and etc ...

- Expansion of customs procedures deadlines.

- Viability of the product from the manufacturer, if necessary, by our export.

- Licensing permit for import.

In the cases mentioned above the customer can choose to wait for the replacement and delivery, or request a refund.

Step-by-step products abroad:

  • Step 1: Payment Confirmation
  • Step 2: Preparation in progress
  • Step 3: Separated for inventory conference
  • Step 4: Granted / Confirmed
  • Step 5: Exporting the exchange contract Routines
  • Step 6: Collecting the Distributor / Lease / manufacturer / Expedition
  • Step 7: Carrier / Pickup and delivery TAM CARGO (Lisbon)
  • Step 8: Ready for shipment
  • Step 9: Traffic to Brazil
  • Step 10: Reception lot of orders by INFRAERO (National Airport Company)
  • Step 11: Import Declaration to the IRS and tax collection
  • Step 12: Expedition to imports center
  • Step 13: Billing / Invoice Issuance
  • Step 14: Packaging & Posting domestic


Step-by-step for National Products (For products already nationalized):

  • Step 1: Payment Confirmation
  • Step 2: Preparation in progress
  • Step 3: Collect the distributor or manufacturer
  • Step 4: Separated for conference
  • Step 5: Awarded
  • Step 6: Billing
  • Step 7: Packaging & Posting domestic


Location of products, carriers and deadlines involved:

Geographic Location of our products (Europe, USA, Asia or Brazil). Goods are shipped directly to you from our distribution centers strategically located in major centers around the world. You receive your product packaged securely to your door, free of surprises with taxes.

We work with the best carriers;

Da europa para o brasil


Dos EUA para o Brasil


Da Ásia para o Brasil


Distribuição nos Estados



Transfer periods from one country to another by carrier.


Express: 7-15 working days

Normal: 20 to 40 working days


2-5 working days


2-5 working days


4-6 working days

FedEx -

2-5 working days


2-5 working days


A state transfer times for the other carrier in Brazil.


CAP: 3-15 working days

Courier: 1-3 working days


Demo graphic medium days to receive after posting.

Gráfico média dias

Values ​​only for demonstrative base to send products from 02/09/2010 to 01/02/2014. Based on more than 2000 posts.


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