100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back:

Our goal is to maintain transparency and always ensure your satisfaction on purchases made conosco.Porém eventually there may be situations that create the need to exchange or return product for one's dissatisfaction, the product has technical defect, or due to factors related to the operation site sales. For this, in this content, you will find all the necessary information on the procedures for replacement and return of products purchased on the site. We accept insusceptible circumstances of merchandise exchange the following:

 By dissatisfaction with the product.

To return or exchange the product for dissatisfaction (color, model, size, etc ...), upon delivery or within 7 calendar days after the date of receipt of product, we propose to make the exchange procedure, only the products with differing characteristics to the announced proposed. The exchange will be effective only upon receipt of the merchandise in our distribution center. All goods to be exchanged or returned must be closed, otherwise We will not comply the request. There is evidence of use of the product, or if the goods do not return in its original packaging, the request to exchange or return will not be accepted. In this case the collected product will be returned to the customer. In case of return heeded, the value of the product will be reimbursed according to the method of payment used for purchase. Via credit card please note that the deadline set by the administrators for the reversal is 60 days from the date of the reversal, it may be located between one or two subsequent invoices of your card. Via bank transfer, please note that the deadline for the deposit amount will be up to 15 business days, the same is true for transfers or deposits.

Defective product or malfunction.

Even with all the concern carriers ship products in perfect condition, can occur eventualities during transport, causing malfunctions. In this case we ask you to refuse the product upon delivery, then please contact our customer service. In cases where the conference is not made within the delivery act will not accept application for replacement / or replacement of the product. If you check failure or product fails within 7 (seven) calendar days after the date of receipt, you can request a replacement or refund. If the product purchased from our store fails after seven (7) calendar days, but is within the warranty period, you should contact the manufacturer to report the occurrence and information about the authorized warranty service. If you can not contact the manufacturer, please contact our customer service center, so that we can assist you. If there is a difference between the value of exchanged and the new product in the event of different models, to be delivered, this difference must be paid by the customer. The payment must be in cash. Requests for cancellation will be accepted with full refund of the amounts paid only if they have been dispatched yet. If they have already been sent the refund will be made only after the return of the product to our center by the customer.