Carefully read the instructions below to make your purchase at the site. Following this procedure your purchase will be easy and safe.

  1. Availability
    To check the availability of products just make sure the shopping cart icon with the "Disponvel" text is visible. To add a product cart, simply click the icon buy. If the product is not available, will be shown a card envelope icon, followed by the text "Out of stock. Notify me when available". Click this icon so that you are notified when the product becomes available again.
    Importantly, our products are imported. This implies the possibility that an initially available product is purchased by another buyer before you complete your purchase. In this case, you are warned.

  2. Product prices
    Product prices can be found on the product page or category. All prices are provided in cash and tax included for every state of the country and are valid only for purchases through the site. Deferred payment options are also shown (1x to 12x). To view all payment options, click "finish" in the cart.
    For shopping with payment in installments, the values ​​of plots and the total term are also shown during the selection of payment. Prices are subject to change without notice.

  3. Post the Value Calculation
    Deliveries from purchases made ​​through the site may be in SEDEX modalities, Sedex CTT or NORMAL ORDER. The posting of value is calculated according to the postal code of the delivery address provided by you. The database used in CEP is the Post. In the event your zip code and not be recognized as valid, see the site of the Post Office . The price and delivery times vary depending on the mode selected and are informed along the options when choosing.

  4. Register
    For products of your purchase can be correctly sent to you, with the duly completed invoice, it is necessary that your data is correctly entered in the register.
    When you register you must enter a password. This password along with your email constitute in its credential to buy this site and access restricted areas. Your personal information is confidential and under no circumstances shall be provided to third parties, as well as credit card data is not stored in our database.

  5. Payment
    forms online payment currently available are:

    • Credit Cards:. Amex, Diners, Mastercard and Visa
      In processing the payment via credit card the card and purchase data are submitted to the operator and the result of the authorization is registered. If operator's refusal to accept the deal, you have two more chances to process the payment. After the third unsuccessful attempt, the purchase will be canceled.
    • Transfer:. Of Brazil and Banco Itaú
      In the case of online transfer, by clicking on "Make Payment", you will be redirected to the bank's site chosen environment where will your login and process your payment. This process can take a while, so the site will wait for this confirmation until the next day.
    • Billet:. Itaú
      Buying with payment via docket, the site will generate a ticket with the value of your purchase and your data. The payment deadline is 5 business days after the date of purchase. By clicking on "Make Payment", you are directed to the page "Order Status" with the details of your purchase. To print the ticket, just click the icon of the print ticket.

    The Pirilampo Net and reserves the right to data conferencing and address of the buyer to verify the authenticity of the transaction and approval of the application.

  6. Order Confirmation
    Once the authorized request is received in our store, you will receive an email confirmation to you. All data of the purchase and payment will be made ​​explicit, and the monitoring of link status of your order.

  7. Order Monitoring
    The monitoring of each step of processing the application to send to your address is made ​​in the Order Status page. All purchases you make on the site will be listed with information about the current status.