Payment Methods


We accept credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Hipercard, American Express, Aura, Hi Paggo. Your order can be parceled up to 12x on the above cards, for further information see our service.

Payment Cards

IMPORTANT:  Your credit card has a purchasing limit established by its administrator. For your application is approved, it is necessary that the available limit on your card is equal to or greater than the total value of purchase, not of each plot. Therefore, some applications may be denied for exceeding this limit, it is not for the Pirilampo Net® and the MoIP responsibility for not authorized to purchase. Data on the refusal shall be confidential under applicable law. . For questions please contact with your carrier card BOLETUS BANKING ON LINE:

Payment by bank slip

This payment option does not allow installment and is only valid for cash payments. When you close your application, the system will generate a bank slip on your screen. Print the document and pay at any bank. The confirmation of payment via ticket is automatically made ​​by banks in three (3) working days, so no need to send us any notice.
We do not recommend the payment of your bank payment by check, in case your request will increase Over four (4) working days of the approval period. This period is the time for clearing the check and confirm the Pirilampo Net® of receipt of payment by the bank.


Deposit payment and account

The escrow account is the fastest method to make the payments, when using this mode you will have to enter the customer area and confirm the payment. It is extremely important to make the confirmation so that we can identify and low in open invoice. Banks currently available Bank of Brazil, Bradesco, Itaú and cash before buying, please contact our customer service.

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