Become Reseller

The  Pirilampo Net  Comercio Ltda Electronics  provides opportunity for ordinary people can start your online business, with great acceptance and commercialization of products.

But to achieve  Dealer Status  in our store demand seriousness and commitment. We ask this because we do not require minimum purchase (our resellers can buy one piece, as can buy 100 pieces that will always pay the lowest price), we do Drop Shipping (deliver the product directly to your customer) and give all the support and support necessary to their success.

What is the advantage of having us as a supplier?

1 -  Its capital is minimal  because you will only use it when your client closes the application.
2 - Do not worry about  stock . Your job is to advertise the product and sell the rest of the work is ours.

3 -  Tricks and Sales Tips on the Internet:  Through our our Newsletter, you will receive periodic various articles and tips on how to campaign on the Internet and elsewhere as well.

4 - Unlike other vendors, we at  Pirilampo Net  have an open channel with our dealers via Skype, Email Exclusive Chat online. After getting Reseller Status send the contact addresses, so we can talk and know each other better.

5 - Being  Dealer  accredited you will have access to special discounts on products ranging from 5 to 25% and purchases in wholesale this discount can reach 50%.

6 - Being  Dealer  accredited you will have 1 year to plan the access to all these advantages may be renewed every year.

7 - Exclusive channel

 How much?

To be a licensed dealer charge a fee of 50.00 for registration.

Why charge this fee?

Many dealers who wore credenciavam Free reseller plan for their own benefit, buying products for themselves and not for resale, so we instituted this value to plan accreditation.

After paying the fee send you an email requesting your registration in the store. If you have already performed the registry simply will change your status to Dealer and log in to see the prices for dealers. 

Note. "Think about it! After the accreditation will not be accepted dropouts and the fee will not be refunded. "  

Heads Up!

Only register if it really is a commitment to make a serious business.

Made applications and not completed within 5 days will be automatically canceled and will appear in the historical Reseller.

Product orders with values ​​0.00 are not considered as valid applications. 

Sign up and make the accreditation

Enroll for price display to automatically resale upon login.

Make payment of the fee and request accreditation!

Just make payment using the button below and after that send email to  with the payment receipt and request the release of records to revendor and get access to all the advantages.

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