The Pirilampo Net® is a site hosted under the domain, owned by Pirilampo Net Comercio Electronics LTD, made ​​available through the URL ("Site") .

Our proposed service methodology through our use condition term is to ensure our rights and also to our customers in the condition of consumers, fully adapted to consumer protection code.

* Conditions (mainly deadlines) may vary suffering reduction by shifting our center of orders from Europe to Brazil.


1.1 By electronically accepting this Agreement, by clicking the button I agree # # the registration page, the USER automatically adheres and fully accept the terms and conditions of this Agreement, Privacy Policy and all other documents related thereto referred to in this Agreement.

1.2- The Pirilampo Net may unilaterally modify this Agreement. The changes will take effect from its publication on the Site or from the communication to the USER, whichever occurs first, without USER college prejudice to terminate this Agreement.


By this instrument, the parties on the one hand: a) Pirilampo Net® Trade Electronics Ltda - ME, company - The which asked the service that, for all purposes, an integral part of this Agreement. b) The individual, or entity, which will take the contractor condition through their electronic records held at the shopping internet site, requesting the provision of the service object of this contract, the data register, for all purposes, shall an integral part hereof. Both enter into this Agreement of Purchase and Sale and import of products marketed by itself, through its sales channels.


1.1.Para enforcement purposes hereof, the words and phrases contained herein shall be construed in accordance with the following definitions: 1.1 Pirilampo Net: corporate, social reason Pirilampo Net® Electronics Ltda - ME, which markets products sale via the Internet, with which the CONTRANTANTE, visiting and registering on the website is relevant, celebrates trade purchase of products marketed through import, or physical inventory already nationalized so if checked.

1.2. CONTRACTOR: physical or legal person enrolled with the CPF / CNPJ, which buy products offered via the Internet by the carrier company's website, celebrating with this business transactions.

1.3. COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION: purchase, the CONTRACTOR of varied products of imported origin, through e-commerce site. The business transaction in these terms, is the direct import (subject to tax) or formal (with taxes already included) with domestic distribution of the contractor.

1.4. COMMERCIAL TRANSACTION OF OPERATIONS: service provided by the management company of this site, with order to facilitate the operationalization of the purchase / import of the advertised products (which may or may not have stock changes) made by the contractor.

1.5. MANAGEMENT OF PAYMENT: service provided by the virtual shopping or insurance companies, properly installed in the payment platforms, in order to ensure receipt of the product by the contracting party and provide ease of payment and amount of receipt of security, committed to buy by the party contractor.

1.6. SITE: homepage or email address (, operated via the internet, ownership, operation and control of the management company, in which the contractor may view the products available for import and make business transactions offered by the company.

1.7. SERVICE PROVIDERS: third party companies and specialized collection and payment via the internet which can be hired by the carrier for the operation of the system.

1.8. CARRIERS: service provided by companies contracted to transport products.


2.1. Is the subject of this contract is the purchase and sale of products through the internet and responsibility for the import of products process, effected by the party contracted and duly approved in the competent agencies.


3.1. Registration will be accepted only person or entity, enrolled in the National Register of Individual / Legal.

3.2. Purchases do not have default values ​​and can be subject quotations by mode and quantity, prices may vary by exchange.

3.3. To make the purchase, the parties agree to elect this term conditions and use to govern the procedures for the purchase procedure.

3.4. The term and conditions of business transaction, are automatically agreed by clicking on the button '' I HAVE READ AND AGREE TO THE TERMS 'OF SERVICE UNCONDITIONALLY'; displayed on the site at the time of purchase.

3.5. The payment of the amounts for the business transaction will occur-the way chosen by the CONTRACTOR among those provided in the platform listed in the shopping site.

3.6. Whatever the payment method chosen by the contractor, the same must be made in favor of the company Pirilampo Net Trade Electronics Ltd., which in turn, is responsible for making all formal nationalization procedures, except in cases of postings by mail direct from the outside to the sender's address (Direct Import), previously announced on the website where the nationalization will be carried out by the Post Office in Brazil.

3.7. The contractor undertakes to send to the contractor, if necessary, and formally requested, all documents and information able to confirm payment and services subject of this contract;

3.8. After sending the CONTRACTOR of the documents requested perhaps, mentioned in clause 3.5, the contractor will have five (05) days to approve and confirm the payment. During this period, the transaction identified by the order number may be with a status of '' Waiting for payment '', and the contracting party, is not responsible for identification on payments perhaps not specified, within the stipulated time.

3.9. Every product purchased through the site can be imported to our warehouse, and later sent to the contractor with the advertised prices as supporting all import taxes, or sent directly to the contractor in accordance with the country's postal service of origin of the product directly the name and address indicated on the electronic registration of the site, in this case, being the contractor solely responsible for the nationalization of the product, and in this case direct shipments, the only responsible with the payments of taxes on imports and still others that may cover on commercial transaction, which will not be included in the price reported on the site.

3.9.1. The CONTRACTOR shall not, under any circumstances, refuse receipt of the product due to possible charges listed in the previous paragraph, and characterized this intention does not mean the money back and will be charged the amount of R $ 68.80 (sixty-eight reais and eighty cents) for a new post of the product. If for reasons of exception is allowed a refund in the case of the preceding paragraph, the contractor is aware that the cost of shipping freight will be discounted, or in the case of free shipping, which is already built into the sale price, the discount will be R $ 68.80 (sixty-eight reais and eighty cents).

3.9.2. The new post will be performed only when the goods refused reach our international distribution centers (for products with direct shipment to the customer).

3.10. The CONTRACTOR monitor the receipt of the product and, in cases of proven loss or receipt of other acquired goods, the Contractor shall refuse to receive, to the post office return the package to the sender.

3.11. In the case of product by default by the Contractor shall contact the service by certificate of guarantee. And in the case of Chinese origin products, do contact our customer service channels.

3.13. In both cases, if the contractor is in possession of the defective or wrong product, it must refer the product to the Party.


4.1. Prices informed the site are real and can be change at any time without notice;


5.1.Todos import taxes are already included in prices for nationalized products through formal import, by the appropriate methodology, and are properly collected. That match the bases relating to: II (Import Tax), IPI (Tax on Industrialized Products), PIS / COFINS (Social Integration Program - Contribution to Social Security Financing), ICMS (lmposto About Sales and services).

5.1.2. Not included in advertised prices other taxes that may be incurred in this business transaction, such as exchange rates, etcc banking rates ... that are the Contractor's responsibility.

5.2. The tax is not refundable and in case of incidence, are the sole responsibility of the contractor.

5.3. If the charge is arbitrary to specified by law, it is up to the contractor request by the tax authorities to reassess the taxable value.


6.1. All advertised products are warranted against manufacturing defects 3 (three) months to five (5) years of individual and unique way each own, and counted from the date of receipt of the product by the contractor.

6.2. Even with all concern the carriers send the goods in perfect condition, eventualities may occur during transport, causing damage. 
In this case we ask you to refuse the product upon delivery, then please contact our customer service. In cases where the conference is not made ​​in the delivery act will not accept request for replacement / or replacement of the product.

6.3. If you check failure or product fails within seven calendar days after the date of receipt, can request to exchange or return. If the product purchased at our store fails after seven calendar days, but is within the warranty period, you should contact the manufacturer to report the occurrence and information about the authorized warranty service. If you can not contact the manufacturer, please contact our customer service center, so we can assist you. If there is a difference between the value of the exchanged product and the new, to be delivered, this difference must be paid by the customer. The payment must be in cash. Requests for cancellation will be accepted with full refund of the amounts paid only if they have not been dispatched yet. If they have been remitted the refund will be made by subtracting 10% of the total amount for administrative expenses.

6.4. Products whose safety seals are violated, and or, is detected misuse by the CONTRACTOR, automatically lose the right to warranty.

6.5. If there is a need for product exchange, the contractor is aware that the deadline for receipt of the new product will be consistent implementation of all necessary routines, including the dispatch routines.


8.1. Delivery times can vary between 15 and 40 working days. The advertised term is a typical and estimated time, coherently to import procedures and may change.

8.2. The Contracting Party declares that it is aware of third factors that can interfere with typical delivery time announced that they are: emergency treatment by the post office towards the city addressed, Availability in stock with international distributors, weather Adversities (blizzards, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, storms, strikes, customs procedures, loss, overloads in the air system or the postal system, or anything that might interfere directly or indirectly in the delivery period).

8.3. The CONTRACTOR monitor the receipt of your product through the Post Office site and, if it finds that this does not present any update for more than 10 working days, please contact the post office to formalize a grievance protocol, informing then the number of this protocol to our Helpline, so we can verify a possible loss.

8.8. They encourage themselves by this term, efforts committed to respect them delivery dates announced. However, we will not accept any claim for damages and interest due to the delay in delivery due to any condition mentioned, and the customer only to opt out of your order, with its duly corrected amount in accordance with Art. 35, CDC Case it has not been posted, the removal may be effected at any time. To do so, please send us your bank details so we can just repay it. Our service channels, are not committed to heeding complaints, and any public complaints will be analyzed as possible image damage.

8.9. In case of eminent delay possibilities, the customer will be notified by a statement via e-mail or phone, leaving the option for commissioning the maintenance, or the cancellation and refund.


9.1. We reserve the right to change or cancel promotions without prior notice necessary. The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may differ from the product description. The images provided by the manufacturer, in the illustrative condition, have the purpose visually pass anatomical information of the product.

The advertised products are in stock of our international suppliers (except those announced as prompt delivery), and no responsibility or accept any claim relating to the rupture of stock or lack of products in the same case, the customer will be informed either its order maintenance by replacement of the product, or at any time, for its cancellation and refund.

9.1. The contractor will assume all loss caused by transport. However, it is necessary that the contractor do the following:

9.1.1. Always accompany the receipt of your product through the Post Office site and, if it finds that this does not present any update for more than 10 working days, please contact the post office to formalize a grievance protocol, informing then the number of this protocol our Helpline, so that is found a possible loss.

9.1.2. You must wait a period of 60 days stipulated by the Post Office to answer. Note that you can not confirm the loss without proper response by this company and not proceed with the order or refund the money.

9.1.3. Only with the replies by the Post Office will be sending a new product or refund the money to the contractor.

9.1.4. In case of submission of a new product, the delivery time will be the same expected in a normal purchase, mentioned in section VIII.

9.1.5. In case of return of the money, the contractor must inform your bank details and, if the account holder is not the contractor itself, it must forward a signed document authorizing the deposit in your account.

9.1.6 By standards of the Post Office, are not instances of openings allowed in period 3 (three) months after shipment of product. Therefore, there will be loss of requests accepted after this deadline nor heeded the return request money or the return of the product, no longer possible to verify that the product was lost or received.

9.2. All product that is returned to the sender undergo analysis as follows:

9.2.1. If scanned failure posting in error label, the return of money to the contractor or the reposting of the product without any additional burden will be guaranteed.

9.2.2. If verified insufficient address for lack of registration completion by the contractor, or change of address, the contractor shall pay a new shipping reposting the same product. In this case, the prevailing deadline previously mentioned in section VIII.

9.2.3. If there is any disagreement at the address, if the contractor has not changed his address and if still the product is returned to the sender due to refusal to pay the import duty (in case of direct shipments) prevail the rules described in items 3.9.1. and this Agreement.


10. For it is a formalized import procedure, if the product needs an import license, the following criteria are in effect, and the status of the request shall as "pending import license."

According to Art. 18 of Portaria SECEX (Secretariat of Foreign Trade) 10, of 24/05/2010, in respect of import have a maximum of 60 calendar days for processing by the authorizing agency , (however, occur on average 2 to 10 working days ). Starting from this maximum deducted, the client can count on reimbursement of its amount or by sending the order form, via Post Express Portugal to Brazil. Through this mode all the costs of any taxes, become by the customer, if you have questions about values, see our services to an estimated calculations.

Constant in Art. 18 of the SECEX Ordinance No. 10 of 24/05/2010, provided for in Art. 3. the "Agreement on Procedures for Import Licensing", the World Trade Organization, and the same must be requested before the goods are shipped to Brazil.


11. Your order will go through the following stages before coming to your home:

a) Payment Validation

b) Collection from the manufacturer

c) addressed to that distribution

d) Packaging / Post

- Domestic -> It is when the product is nationalized by the provider.

- International -> It is when the product is shipped directly to the customer, and nationalized by the post office in Brazil.

* This information will be informed at the time of purchase on the carriers option.


12. If for any reason the order is canceled and is already paid back the amount paid is guaranteed within 10 working days. If you have already checked in, the customer is always responsible for the shipping freight costs to our import center. Any claim relating to product quality, should be accompanied by a copy of the article indicating the defect and if the case is necessary to prove this defect, the customer must send us a sample of the same product in its original packaging with useful references for ID.

12.1. No claim will be accepted if the conditions now announced above are not met. Products may only be returned after a preliminary written agreement. Returned products should be addressed to our office and shipping charges will be borne by the customer. Returned products must be in perfect condition and carefully accommodated in their original packaging with all accessories without modification of its references or their serial numbers. Labels must be intact, along resold. Products must be returned with your return Valley in registered mail to either a refund or a return to the After Sales Service. In case of return without prior agreement or not in compliance, the product must be returned with shipping charges paid by the Customer.


13. common agreement all complaints should be directed to our service. The client according to this term, has the free cancellation policy of your product from the deadline of 7 days of receipt of your purchase.

13.1. Any type of claim, directed an offensive manner, contrary to this instrument, or intransigent on the rights of a citizen. May result in automatic termination of the contract, with the posting automatically canceled, and the data for reimbursement to be ordered.

13.2. We reserve the right to compensation for possible image damage, possible complaints in public places, or complaints sites that are contrary to predisposed in this device.


14. Our goal aims to provide a simplified manner and without bureaucracy to Brazilian consumers, access to products not sold in a conventional way in the domestic market, ensuring the delivery of the product, or the safety of the amount invested by our customers.

14.2 The Pirilampo NET may change at any time the terms and conditions of this Agreement, to publish the new version properly updated on the site within five (5) days following the introduction of the changes.

14.3. The CONTRACTOR authorizes the irrevocable and irrevocably Pirilampo NET recording and archiving operations contractor for the trade to use them as evidence before the administrative and / or judicial authorities. To such effects, the contractor and the Pirilampo NET agree to provide you probative value.

14.4. Both parties undertake to use their best efforts to amicably resolve the disputes that arise in any matter relating to the subject of this contract


15. These conditions are governed exclusively by the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil and any litigation arising based on its interpretation or application should be judged by Brazilian courts, being at once the jurisdiction of the district of Porto Alegre - RS to settle any doubt or dispute arising from this contract, expressly waiving any other, however privileged.