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History, know the Pirilampo Net, know more about us and understand why this is a cheap.

Where do we start?

We invoice our first request in September 2010, beginning our mission: to be the preferred destination online at Brazil.

The  Pirilampo Net ® Commerce Electronics Ltd. , specializes in direct sales between manufacturers and you. All offered products are shipped directly from the International / National maker for you with no hassles. Here you will find a wide range of products such as portable electronics, various gadgets, computer accessories, spy gear, watches, among many other technological innovations and products you've never seen anywhere else, more than 10,000 unique products and 700 brands  ( taxes and import tariffs station already included in the value of the product, we pay for you) .

The Pirilampo Net® Comercio Ltda Electronics research what's newest, modern and high quality to offer directly to you.

Since our establishment we have adopted an innovative strategy and developed our own logistics system. While the customer base and product offerings have grown substantially in recent years, our brand's commitment remains the same: the satisfaction of our consumers.

In Brazil, all products offered in our store are shipped directly from the manufacturer in the country of origin using the credibility and system security Easy Import of Posts of Brazil, For more information visit www.correios.com.br. Among our buyers include frequent wholesale importers, famous websites, eBay powersellers, free market, retail and import companies and small entrepreneurs. On a daily basis, we serve corporate buyers, dropshippers experts resellers and retail buyers (final consumers or small dealers). Our business philosophy is simple: "Prices, variety, quality and cutting red tape." Our customers trust us to provide them with the latest inventions at the best prices, in order to save money and make a profit by buying us. All imported products are factory of origin, and are professionally tested quality and safety. All stock is controlled by quality control professionals, our experienced QC team.

I - Sale to Consumers - Variety and Trust

Consumers have several ways to relate to the pirilamponet.com.br:

Through this sales channel, customers can:

  • Search the entire range of products, through search tools that locate whatever it takes by brand, title, price, quickly and efficiently searching the entire site or just the category.
  • Browse our product categories or directly check the postings and promotions.
  • Sign up to receive weekly emails with exclusive offers.
  • Buy gift cards.
  • Consult delivery times.
  • Ask questions, make suggestions, compliments or complaints about our products and services in our call center.

Center Telesales: +55 51 4063-8660 Through this sales channel, customers can:

  • Ask questions about products, prices, delivery times.
  • Shopping products available in the online store.

II - Sale Enterprises - Complete Solutions

Look for companies

  • Loyalty programs.
  • Shopping in large volumes and office needs.
  • Loyalty e-commerce services, incentives and corporate sales, offering solutions.

Welcome to Pirilampo shop and good shopping!