Secure payment

Fraud Protection

All means of payment, are complete and effective to protect against fraud in online shopping. Your personal information and financial data is not transferred; Your purchase delivered or your money back.

Delivery and Security Guarantee for you

We work with payments via bank transfer compatible with all national clearing system, bank deposits Itaú / Bradesco / Santander / Bank of Brazil, and secure digital payments. We provide constant updating methods on movements of orders in order to provide our customers and dealers the widest range of relevant information relating to their applications, periodically being automated by our systems or not.

If you choose to bank slip

Simply print your ticket at the checkout and make payment where it is most convenient for you. Your payment will be considered paid after the bank confirm the payment of your ticket. In the national banking system  the bank slips take 3 working days to clear, and there is no way to make a payment confirmation before this time.

You will receive an email from our system so the bank confirm your payment. To anticipate the processing of your order, you can follow the information printed on your ticket, for confirmation of payment.


If you choose to transfer / bank deposit

Banco Itaú Bank of Brazil

Just make a deposit into the account specified at the end of processing your request and send us ALL the deposit data per the survey so that we can quickly check the deposit and release your order.

Important information:

  •   Cash deposits made ​​" in the mouth of the box "and bank transfers between the same bank accounts occur on the same day.
  •   Check deposits are treated as made after compensation of the check by the bank (usually 2-3 days).
  •   Transfers between banks (DOCs) usually occur in 1 business day depending on the bank and the time it was made.

Importantly, you should follow the instructions sent by email to make your payment confirmation and wait for the confirmation email. If it does not occur in a maximum working 48 hours after you have sent the email, please contact us as there was a problem. 

You can also opt for forms of digital payments 

Payment for MOIP

MOIP secure payment

  • MoIP Ensures The receipt of your money on your shopping
  • You have 45 days to open a complaint
  • Initially you do not pay Pirilampo Net but the MoIP that will liaise payment.
  • Fraud Protection
  • Central dedicated to conflict resolution

Learn more MoIP  clicking here

Payment by PAYPAL

Paypal secure payment

  • Paypal is the most widely used form of payment and secure world
  • Guarantees the receipt of the product or your money back
  • You have up to 180 days to open a dispute
  • You pay the Pirilampo Net but the PAYPAL who will liaise payment.
  • Fraud Protection
  • Central dedicated to conflict resolution.

Know more about Paypal  by clicking here

When shopping on our Automated system with MoIP or Paypal, the purchase goes through a security review by the anti-fraud manager, some cases, payment of recognition process get up to 3 days.