Products with excellent quality, tested and exchange warranty against defects

All products purchased through Pirilampo Net® Comercio Ltda Electronics Website: ( have 1-5 year warranty as the manufacturer policy.  In case of a defect, these are immediately exchanged with new ones do not realize repairs, we are committed and always offer products of the highest quality to our customers.  Some accessories that usually accompany the products (such as chargers, headsets, or cables) have warranty period of only 7 days the receipt of the order. Learn how to access the Warranty and technical support If the product you have purchased in Pirilampo Net Comercio Ltda Electronics presented defective, immediately contact us through our customer service, for support and assessment of the problem : 

- Identify yourself. Enter the number of your order and the name or product code defective; 

- Tell your problem. Clearly describe what you are trying to do with the product and what is going wrong, the wealth of detail is always very important. 

- Save time. If the defect or problem is visible, provide some picture of it. The above measures are very important for me to defective product is replaced with the maximum agility. Get the full details of the process accessing the LIFETIME WARRANTY of your product, just below . 


Warranty statement

- All products shipped guarantee should be within the warranty period is 1-5 years, depending on the manufacturer, as from the date on which the customer received their product.

- The warranty only covers defects in manufacturing nature, so all products shipped guarantee should be in good condition, free of any physical damage or misuse signal as aranhões or drop signals. - All products shipped to guarantee can not have been opened for improper repairs and should not contain any unauthorized repair signal. They must contain the original seals. 

- All products shipped the guarantee must be complete and with all its original accessories included.

- The freight shipping these products to ensure that they may be exchanged is full cost and responsibility of the client, will not be made any return or refund value.

Goods with manufacturing defects within the period of warranty: 

If the product purchased in our store is defective within the manufacturer's warranty period, you should contact the manufacturer to report it and get clarification or go to one of the technical assistance accredited by the manufacturer, indicated in the manual.

All products are guaranteed for one to five years, according to the instructions of the brand or manufacturer, except for Power Supplies for PC. Our suppliers guarantee the technical support for all products sold. 

The security is the responsibility of the manufacturer and its date and manner of use are set out in Warranty Statement accompanying the product. In case of technical assistance drive need not found in Brazil, the product must be sent to our testing laboratories or directly to the manufacturer, together with their purchase invoice and in the same conditions as approved. In all cases the costs of transport to the facilities of our laboratories, are always at your own risk. The product repaired or replaced according to the manufacturer's warranties expressed, will be sent to the client to the collection, only the value of their transport. The replacement product within warranty is made ​​within 30 to 90 days depending on the rules of Manufacturers. 

Procedure in case of breakdown outside the warranty period (Custom Service):

You must submit with the equipment proof of purchase (invoice or order copy) the error description to previous budget. Customer will then be sent its budget, which was accepted, shall instead send the product to the address indicated by us. Transport costs to the facilities of the premises of the service centers of our suppliers or the manufacturer, is always paid by the customer. The product after repaired will be shipped by freight collect.