Part of the Affiliate program of Firefly Net is your chance to work disseminating excellent products of various niches and receive high commissions for every purchase indicated.

Being affiliate is a great alternative to monetize your audience. Be a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, email list or just want to get a digital business, but has no product.

Spreading on the Internet Products published in Firefly Net, either by publication or paid ads, you have the security to receive, every sale, their commission. Since we are responsible for ensuring the good relationship between affiliate and products.

Any person or company may start releasing the registered products on our platform in the Affiliate Program. To begin with, it is very simple:

1 - Find one or more products to your audience.
2 - Start using your affiliate link to promote.
3 - Spread this link in various channels.
4 - To become affiliate is necessary to at least have a valid request.

It is not necessary to have a website or blog to become an affiliate. However, experiments show that affiliates have its own website just getting better results in the disclosure as they may structure the presentation of the product.

Access your account now start to be released.


Affiliate Program